I am fully aware that there are a ton of couple-y things on my Tumblr. Trust me, I do. Let me tell you the reason why: It’s because I love love. I love the idea of two people being placed in each other’s lives to represent Christ and His church. I love that two people get to share the extraordinary feeling of love, that emotion that is more than just chemicals going off, it is the emotion that God gives in order to bless His children. I love that two people are willing to put each other first in their relationship and honor one another above themselves. I love love.

I like to think that I’m a realist when it comes to things. I don’t look through rose colored glasses, my eyes have been open to too much and for far too long to see life in an idealic state, I believe that will only happen when we’re with the Lord, but the realist side of me likes to escape into the world of love.  That world has no bounds and has no roadmaps.  It is an adventure, the grandest adventure someone will ever go on.

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